Saturday, August 5, 2006

8/5/06 Smallmouth Bass Kayak Float


Got to a flow with Jwilson on 8/5. New stretch for us both, on the water by 7am off by 130pm. Water clarity was 2-3 feet.

Joe hasn't been out much this year and was a little down on his smallie catching confidence. Nonsense! We nailed em.

I got around 28 smallies. Biggest 17" no size after that, maybe a couple of 15 and some 14's. Lots of 11-13"ers. Here's a 17 I caught on Smoke Purple tube. You can see Joe fishing upstream in the pic. He had just got a 15"er in that spot I said to myself I need to cast a tube there, but I had a buzz on. So I passed it up!

Joe caught about the same number as me, we'd both go on runs but it was fairly consistent throughout the day depending on quality of habitat. We used Buzzbaits and tubes, I think I caught 4 on cranks too.

The highlight of the day was the fat 19"er Joe caught on a buzzbait. I have been talking Buzzes up for him, and to his credit, he stuck to it, even when he couldn't get hookups early.

As you can see by the pic, beautiful smallie! I love hearing people's comments when they have a hog on!

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