Wednesday, August 23, 2006

8/23/06 Float and Hog Smallmouth

Jjwilson and I did a float on the North American continent on Sunday from 7am to 130pm. We did about 5-6 miles, Joe is Speedy Gonzales in the yak.

The water was clear and we scattered a lot of holes. It made it very difficult to fish behind someone the entire day. Fishing was slow until after 10am. When I started getting them on tubes, but occasionaly a buzz, and jerk.

Joe caught this monster on a crank at the back of a deep hole. Nice. I must be a big fish reverse black cat for him. He caught another pig last time out on 8/5/06.

I'll vouch for him this fish was a bonified 20"er all stretched out. Something was odd about this whopper, but I couldn't place it. Look at the tail on that thing!

I ended up with 15, Joe just a handful, but he had the hawg. Couple of nice 15"'s all I could manage, on a rough day. I'll get the hawg next time Wilson!

Oh, my car was gone when we got back to the put in. Took us an hour to track it down and get it back. -90$ for me. I'll post the bridge location so it doesn't happen to you. Wonderful feeling really, try it some weekend!

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