Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Lone Floater 5/7/11

Had the zany idea of hauling my kayak (complete with new fangled Deathlock camcleats) and bike shuttle in the hatchback. It fits . Now to find somewhere that isn't posted or muddy. Dropped the bike in the woods at a confluence launched 5 miles upstream. Everything looked good. Maybe I'd be lucky and get another good spinnerbait bite.

First cast with a 3/8 ths oz spinnerbait slow rolled along slower water side of a straight run nailed a 16"er about 30 yards away. Got in the boat and test out the new cammies. No slipping. Marine grade nylon slides so nice when I pulled the anchor up. More expensive, but the anchors aren't going anywhere. I'll just leave them on all the time. It was great to have a functional rear and front anchor for the yak. Never leave home without. Drift downstream and towards the first eddy below the bridge, the spinnerbait got thumped again.

Here I am anchored in the riffle facing downstream. Just pulled this 17"er from the eddy on the right:

Kind of got slow after that. Nothing doing. I decided to start throwing a tube. Nailing 7 smallmouth and a couple googs under a bridge. Biggest were 15" and 16". First three fish were caught working the current seam upstream anchored in the shallow fast water from behind. Methodically picking apart the holes so that no fish saw me before they saw a bait. Easy bites, just keep the jig bumping the bottom, some pauses, and reeling slack.

Slow again, some dinks here and there. A couple spots that should produce didn't. Then I got in town. The fish in that hole were on fire. Think I got like 11 out of there, largest 16" all on tubes. The tube bite was really picking up. I was in the 20's and they were still hitting spinnerbait as I picked up a couple that way.

At a big bend, a big fish exploded on the spinnerbait and drug me all over the place. She was FAT. Was almost using the SB like a tube when the blades got spinning get it down and a the thump would come.

Another nice 16.5" on the spinnerbait. The Pflueger Supreme's gear box broke on that fish. To crank was like driving with a flat tire. That was bass 29. Got #30 at the confluence and called it a day.

The bike ride was about 5 miles, but went really well.

The googs were going crazy today, I got 14 and a longear that hung on to tube tails back to hand. Some were huge for Indiana creek 10" or so and mega plump.

8.5 hour float- 30 bass 29 SMB and 1 KY (18.5, 17"4-16-16.5, 15") 14 Googs and a sunfish. Missed grand slam by the LMB. 30+ fish on tubes, maybe 8 on spinnerbait, but most of the good ones.

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