Friday, May 20, 2011

After Work 5/19/11

Cut from work and got on the water by 2:30. Fished some rip rap in current on an outside bend.

Fish were still on the Chartreuse Rick Clunn 1.5 crankbait. Also got a couple shallow on wakecrank. Big girl measured 19.5", then got a double two casts later.

Walked a little ways noticed my RC's bill had broken.

5 outings in a row with a 18"er or better.

Got my first topwater smallie- a 5"er on a 4" sammy 100. Went home early worn out from all the walking recently. did 3.8 miles at lunch, I was burnt so headed home.

12 SMB and a goog in 2.5 hours

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