Monday, May 16, 2011

Everything Grand. Almost. 5/14/2011 Wade

After instructing Cub Scout Troop how not to hook each other, I rolled up on my river at 3:30PM. Bike stashed in the woods a couple miles up.

Water looked good. A stained green, fast. Overcast and promise of rain.

Caught a few and was kind of bored, contemplated heading home. The heavens opened up and poured a quick bone soaker. Mosquitos were as bad as I have seen. Stopped back at the car for change of hat and some spray. Still thinking about leaving when I discovered the pattern of the day. Chartreuse Rick Clunn 1.5 crankbait wobbling along current seams and in the full current in some areas.

Started catching lots of fish. Lots of action. Ended with 30 SMB in 5 hours including (2-18", 4-16", 1-15") 2-Googs. I ripped through river like a high speed chase.

The rain had muddied the hillside I parked on. I couldn't get out and had to call a tow truck. Lesson learned. Leave a tire on road. Lots of thin fish that were in need of a feed. Guess they haven't spawned much. With water finally down have moved up in the riffles for food. Overcast and rainy with above average flow have been killer this Spring. Sorry I left the camera at home, but here is some word flavor on arranging the tow truck:
I was standing at the crossroads of this near vacant town near midnight dialing my wife (tow truck), when a black cat rubbed agin my leg and purred.

I stood under the only street light, blackness quickly surrounding the stage. Wondering if I should chance a knock. Mud oozed between my toes, fingers pruned from rain, soaked to the bone. Has the phone stayed dry?

I could see a sawmill where no furniture is made, the door hanging half off. Rusty implements on the floor from an age gone.

The abandoned(?) houses rotting. High grass with paths pushed aside by many small animals. A dim blue light, sheets over glass muffled. Decay. Paint chipping.

Eyes, eyes. Always the eyes and the purring. The trip across the oaken bridge swallowed whole both sound and light alike. Heartbeat, silence, and breath.

The people here wear straw hats. The people here wear straw hats. Hurry Jay, hurry.

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