Saturday, July 9, 2011

7/8/11 2 stream wade

This one had a little bit o' everything. I drew a circle on the map. The circle was to match my route downstream one flow into a bigger flow, upstream 2 miles to the bridge where Fishbike awaited me in the woods.

After camouflaging the bike on the side of a hill, I drove the one mile to the put in. Problem guy was mowing the land adjacent to my put in. Instead of the short cut 30 feet to the river past the "No Trespassing" sign, I followed the road to where a bridge used to be through the thicket. 15' drop. Oops. Well the guy saw me go in there so it was hang drop or red face the blocked path. Tossed my rod down, jumped on a thin tree which I rode down as it failed to support me. Grabbed some rocks and scaled down. Should take up mountain climbing.

Quickly discovered fish in shallow, shaded choke points at the back of pools. Destroying Sammy. This went on for about 2 miles. Lots of nice ones and stupid. Explosive. It was great fun tippy toeing in the shade and threading Sammy into tight spots to see the bait annihilated. Perfect bait for a stream like this where if the fish sense you they are gone.




I got to 32 Smallies by the time I stepped out including an 18, 17.25" and 3-16"ers.
 Fishing stunk for like a mile. Caught another 16" on Spook Jr, and then picked some up on a buzzbait as the sun got lower. Went on a good run and got to 22 with lots of 12"ers. It all came together as the buzzbite picked up right at the bridge and Fishbike was still on the hill. Maybe 8 minutes and I'm back at the car re-hydrating on hot car water thinking of what I had just witnessed.

8 hours in the sun, 54 Smallies (18", 17.25", 4-16-16.5", 3-15"ers)

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