Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Run and Gun Topwater Maadness 7/13/2011

Got on the water shortly after 1pm. Late start again. Had to be back in Indy around 5, so I don't know why I picked a 3.5 mile wade:oops: . Fishing was...


Almost complete Wake Bait Toss ripping in current, at the backs of pools. They chased and chased. Lost a couple bruisers due to dull hooks, or it could have been ridiculous for size too. Tried to move fast and cover ground, but I kept catching fish. Some of the jumps in quick succession were nuts.

5th bass was 19" and I knew something was up.

Sharp hooks, efficient lure, covering lots of ground fast when smallies were aggressive. They were even coming out of cover and deeper water to chase.

Lots of dinks, but lots of 15"+ bass too.

Last 17"er was on a Sammy, but the action wasn't nearly as hot.

74 SMB (19", 17.5", 17", 4-16-16.5", 8 15"+) 1 Goog. Covered 3.5 miles in less than 6 hours

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