Saturday, July 2, 2011

Quick Wade 7/1/11

Waded a small stream with bike shuttle intact.

Second cast was the largest of the day, just under 17".

Mostly wakebaits, with tubes in the rootwads to pick up a few more. Was at 21 smallies in the first hour. Tore 'em up.

Noticed smallies would try to grab the bait away from hooked fish, so let the hooked fish play a couple times to go for doubles. It worked:

Got off the water at 5 pm with 39 smallmouth (3-16-16.99", 2-15") and 1 goog in 4 hours. Less than 5 minutes to get back to the car on bike shuttle. Beautiful.

Got the old pull up, "Did you catch anything?" He said they used to catch 19"-20"ers in there. I think I've hit thin 18" once or twice, but they are rare in there. Lucky to get 17". On the DNR list of "slow growth" streams. Good for action though. Didn't see any Smallie fry.

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