Monday, November 21, 2011

More Late Fall River Smallmouth on Float and Fly 11/22/11

Another day, another float down to target pool,  drag the kayak back. On the water by 12-12:30. Brought the baitcaster and 1/2 oz jig for some of the deep, slow stuff.
Lost a big fish on the first drift, surfaced and flopped. Dejected because I should have tied some new fly jigs up without sickle hooks. Paid the price.
Soon after, I landed a 13" LMB that went airborne from nearly the same spot. In one of the secondary currents, I let the float drift on the slower of the fast water and it dunked! Yea. Nice fight and a 16" bass to hand.
Slowed after that so I explored the rest of the pool. Experimenting with my longer anchor. This pool can get anywhere from 14-20' deep. Fortunately, I was able to anchor to one side paralleling the upstreams swirl next to a steep bank. Tossed over and the float bobbed, then sunk. Nice little fight and a chunky 9" Goog. Then another fatter one. Then like 4 more and a crappie. Crappie? Uh, oh this could get serious. Over the next 45 minutes, I pulled in a total of 14 white crappie from 7"-11", 9 Rock Bass from 5-9", 1 longear sunfish, 3 smallmouth from 5", 12",15". I thought the crappie and rock bass were fighting pretty hard until that 15"er stole the show.
The spot kind of slowed, so I threw back on the dropoff at the front of the pool, cranked the cast from the fast water to the painfully slower water that I knew had some giant ambush boulders forming a nice Barkmann's corner for piggsies. Float dunked and  didn't want to come up in 6-8' of water. Finally got the fish boatside and it was a fat lard brute. Made up for the early lost fish. Measured 20". Thug at that.

Turned back to the crappie spot but threw downstream where the current was coming back towards me along the deep bank. Wow. Just wow. In like 30 minutes, 12" that jumped 18" in the air twice, then a 17"er, fat 16.75", and another 16", capped by another thug 18.5" smallmouth.

So much action. 37 fish in 4 hours with more float dunks I think were longears and small crappie. Died right around 4 pm again, different river.
13 Bass 1-lmb, 12 smb (20", 18.5", 17", 3-16-16.75", 2-15") 14 White Crappies, 9 Rock Bass, 1 Longear Sunfish in 4 hours.

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