Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Not Much Time, Where Should I Go? 7-5-14

Called a buddy to ask, "Where should I fish with only four hours?" I drove, and I dreamt, then I called and negotiated another 2 hours. Nice.

So, I stopped along a sandy creek I'd fished once before. I knew it was an Indiana disaster special. Silt and dirt filling most of it. But there was one REALLY nice hole half mile above the bridge. First cast narrowly avoids a soft shell turtle only to have this nice 17"er snarf up a Duo Realis Pencil bait at 85mm. Managed one  fat 13"er on a crankbait and 8 Rock bass on Confidence bait Little Tubes in Dark Chocolate. Just wasn't much in there. I headed out to a larger creek.

I hit six bass in a row on the Little Tube, including this 18.75" smallmouth bass. Things were looking up during what seemed like a dead wade. Another couple hours of fishing, a bad shortcut and I was back at the car, burnt and bent

Confidence Baits Below: Wutz Its, Swim Baits, Floating Birds, Little Tubes, and Battle Stance Craws. I'll be testing these out over the next month or so. You can get some here: http://confidencebaits.3dcartstores.com/
Fishing was slow and disappointing. Dare I blame continued habitat degradation from 2008 mega floods?
 4.5 hours 11 SMB (18.75", 17")


  1. Hey BT
    I noticed your skink pic and got me thinking. Have you ever ran across a poisonus snake while fishing or in the woods walking to a spot? I have never seen any here in Vermilion county Illinois, but I know southern Illinois has Copperheads, and Timber Rattlesnakes and ive heard somewhere up by Chicago (which I cant figure out how) has a population of Massasauga`s.

  2. Nope, haven't fished near any poisonous snakes. Plenty of watersnakes, garter snakes, rat snakes, ring necked snacks, etc. Snakes are afraid of me, never a worry.