Thursday, July 3, 2014

Wade- Mixed Results Dinks and a Handful of Nice Smallmouth 7-3-14

Got out for a wade by midday. Picked a mediocre stretch of stream characterized by shallow, rocky, flats and few wide pools. I threw a Sammy 100 into shade and perceived depth. Had some early micro dink smallmouth bass. Made me wonder if I hadn't made a poor decision in rehashing this old, previously rejected stretch of creek.

Along one tall, cavernous bank on an inside bend the water showed darker green, I took a 17.25" smallie, performing acrobatics the whole way in. I look for these color changes to reveal depth and hiding spots. Typically, my casts with a Sammy 100 are 30 yards to keep froom spooking bass. Smallies in shallow water are extremely spooky, thus the longer casts.

Nailed a 15"er at the one decent hole on the entire wade.  On the way back, picked this 17.25" smallmouth casting downstream at a rootwad. I think I had 14 bass at this point, 4 of which broke 12"!

I decided to wade downstream with the limited time I had left. I abhor wading downstream because it really fouls the fishing. Wading through a large pool, I managed a chunky 17", a 14", and a 15" before things got really quiet.

Not a bad day with the three good ones, the 25 smallmouth contained a lot of small fish. Surprised by quality, but not a stretch I'd hit again for a long while.

5.5 hours 25 SMB (3-17-17.25", 2-15")

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