Sunday, July 8, 2007

Fishing with Wool all Damned weekend 7/6 and 7/7/2007

Fished with Mike on Saturday, the flow was almost stagnant and low. We both lost some big fish and the wade ended with some domestic violence heard through the trees.

We got out to a rocky stream on Sunday it was boiling hot with a little current and cool water that helped immensely.

We threw tubes, Sammy's, and cranks. No pattern other than the fishing was slow and it was very hot.

Mike caught an 18"er on a tube near a root wad and a 15.5" fish that slammed a Sammy 100.

We had or ourselves a shootout, albeit without many fish. Which Mike won 9-8. Most fish were caught on a variety of lure since nothing was working consistently. Mike may have beat me in size and numbers, but I had more bowel movements by the creek- hollow victory but take what you can get.

My biggest was a 16.25"er (Sammy)

We both bought new Pflueger Supreme reels. They are extremely light- hold a lot of line on the oversized spools. The Magnesium seems to transmit vibrations astonishingly well. I could feel the rocks and strikes in my reel like never before. I also lost several big fish this weekend fuddeling with drag or not putting enough pressure on fish because the reel felt different.

Mike also got his first custom rod from John Bunner.

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