Saturday, July 28, 2007

Last Day of Work 7/27/07

Boss showed up to pick up the last bits and pieces from my office Thursday. Place closed today at 12. Since there was nothing for me to do I went fishing. Hard to believe, I know.

Hit the water at 6:30 this morning. Fished a stretch Prowler and I did Spring 2006. Mainly tossed a Sammy all day. Didn't much matter fast or slow they hit it either way. I mostly worked it fast. Water was pretty stained from recent rainfall but still visibility increased to 2 feet throughout the day.

This rocky stream is really hot right now. Just the sheer biomass along the banks doubles any stream I've seen this year. There are going to be some big fish in there, correction- continue to be big fish in there.

Fished 8 hours tied my best day with 41. (6 17's, 3 16's, 12 15-15.5) Amazed at the amount of fat medium sized fish. As you can imagine, it was a lot of fun. Never did hook into anything really big, can't complain at all. Only caught 1 on a tube and 3 on Wolkabuzz, but didn't really try much.

Did something I never do- fished fast and completely ignored middle and bottom of the water column. Smallies were biting so good I pounded the backs of pools and picked up a few on the way up to each new push area.

Hookup % was pretty high for Sammy, though I did get a couple in the gills.


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