Sunday, July 1, 2007

Last Wade First 6 Months 2007

Waded a rocky stream, caught fish on poppers, Sammy, fluke, tubes (intensified late), and slayed them on LC splashtail 90.

I used the ST 90 double prop instead of a buzz and the sharp double treble hooks had a very high hookup percentage.

29 smallies- 16.75", 16", 2 15" mostly a dinkfest. 20 were probably 8-12". I left because I got bored catching small fish.

I did lose a Hawgzilla that slammed a 1/4oz WB in some current from behind a boulder. I could not turn the fish and it took drag in front of a couple of boulders and my line broke. I'm sure its from walking the dog with those razor sharp sammy hooks. This has happened three times since I started using topwaters with trebles. Poor fish has a WBZ attached to its head- Hope it didn't go to deep.
I may have to go back to 20/6 PP.

Saw a huge snapper at least 30lbs. Found a leech that had been living in my wading boot. The leech had been in there since at least Thursday if not longer. It fell out of my boot, to my horror.

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