Monday, May 18, 2009

All her fault

My wife and I went to Shed aquarium in Chicago back in 2003. All the fish in tanks re awoke a passion I had for fishing.

My uncle had introduced me to dunking worms on the Maumee river when I was a kid. I fished hard until about High School when girls, hobbies, and sports took over. I began to browse the Internets for more information on Indiana fishing. I transplanted to Indy originally from Toledo, Ohio by way of Charlotte, Baltimore, Toronto, New York City, Hartford, and Buffalo. I did not fish in any of those places. So now the last 5 years I have fished 100+ days a year. Almost exclusively for river smallmouth bass. Meeting and learning from a lot of great people.

I tend to absorb information about my hobbies like a sponge. I guess what I like about river smallmouth fishing is the mystery of each trip, cast, the anticipation. In a way, a quest for perfection for a perfectionist. I want to know what goes on in Indiana's streams, because I live here now.

Sure, there are bigger fish in some other states. I have very little desire to fish out of the state or even fish in state lakes. I don't want those experiences to ruin the magic I feel every time I hit a new piece of stream. I love hiking my ass off to catch smallies. Charting each stream in my mind is part of the allure. That's just my strange way.

All this is Sarah's fault. I have to admit she's damned cool about it. Hope all the readers out there have someone who makes them as happy.


  1. I'm just happy that you have a hobby you love!

  2. Nice article. I'm taking my family to the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga this summer. It will be torture to watch the huge smallies in their Tennesee River and Lake Nickajack galleries and not be allowed to zip a buzzbait over the surface.

  3. I say it's all her fault too but that is usually when something goes wrong ;)

    I too have someone who is very supportive of my time outside. A lot of my time is taken up by my boys every other weekend and scouts. My wife is very supportive of the time I spend with them but she is super supportive of me going fishing as she knows how important it is to me and how much I count on that time to recharge. It's really awesome not to have to fight with someone you love to do something you love. We are lucky...

  4. This all sounds exactly like my situation. Hahaha!! :-P