Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Thing

Not the comic book hero, not the Kurt Russell Movie , but the spillkas vomited forth by a smallmouth bass Nate caught today.

WARNING: Click pics at your own risk:

I'm actually proud of the little guy turning the tables on the parasitic lamprey. I've found them attached to bass several times. Last week, I spotted 2 larger lampreys attached to large carp.

Yes, there was some fishing. Summed up by a lot of throwing tubes in tight places to get a few bites, lots of lost fish, a pig swimming partially onto shore to try to take my tube bait. I whiffed. Twice in two casts at big fish. Not going to say how big I thought this fish was. Caught my first fish on topwater (popper).

16 SMB (18, 17, 15.75, 3-14) 2 Rock Bass
Nate caught a few too.

I fished like 10 hours

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