Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More Funky Fishing 5/27/09

Starting at the same job again tomorrow. Mehh. Pay increase. Can't be all bad. Since today was my last day of freedom, I set out to the same stream (different stretch) MC and I hammered 5 18"+ on Monday. Similar conditions.

The stream had dramatically changed for the better since last year. Deeper and more scoured out in places. Many log jams were moved. No fish anywhere. Take that back, a 15-16" smallmouth was chasing a shad all around me as I stood in 3.5' of water. An hour later, I saw minnows getting chased in the shallows. Hooked up on Sammy, but lost the fish. Had a couple half hearted tube grabs, either nest guarders or one of the few active dinks.

Was ready to pack it in when I hit a narrow, shallow riffle. I threw my white chatterbait behind some small grass clumps and slow let her flutter in. Thunk. Ufff...that would be another good one. She was long and thin with no signs of eggs or spawning. A perfect piece of confusing information.

Oh, well. At least no skunk. 4 hours 1 SMB-19"

Been a great year so far, hitting a smallmouth bass 17" or better every 3.4 hours fished. Almost 1.5 hours better than last year at this time.


  1. She could have been a real early spawner, she could be sterile or it could be a ginormaous male...?

  2. I dunno. been catching big fish with no fin damage, so I guess females, with males still guarding the fry.