Friday, June 19, 2009

After work wade 6/18

Got on the water by 5:45PM after work. Visibility was 14-16" range. Good enough. Fish were in slower current near faster current. Medium depth boulder fields.

Caught smallmouth on black chatterbait, crankbait, tubes, and LC jointed wake bait. Most fish were very thin, some had body injuries. A little worried about that. Should mean they will be eating like crazy this weekend to get post spawn healthy as water clears up. Sounds like an excuse to fish.

Mostly threw the wakebait, run and gun up 'til almost dark. Fun.

Biggest fish came where I always seem to catch a 17"ish fish on topwater, a boulder filled run below a riffle. It went airborne about 5 times. The smallmouth were all nuts. Light, fast, and airborne.

14 SMB (17.25") 3 Googs in 3 hours 45 minutes.

Mike C also fished a couple of stretches down from me. He got 12 SMB and 2 Googs in 5.25 hours topping out at 15". His were on the wakecrank and a buzzbait.

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