Saturday, June 13, 2009

Forgot one

Waded a wide stretch of creek more akin to a medium sized river. I did get two fish at the put in on a white spinnerbait. The spinnerbait bite died quick. Fished the stretch slow. Took 6 hours to fish a mile and I still didn't touch all the places bass could have been.

Why did it take that long? The bite I discovered was a topwater one, along the slow rocky sides of the wider pools. However, I had to work the Sammy 100 with many long pauses and painfully slow walk the dog to get bit at all. In eddies behind water willow islands, I predictably got smashed by good 15-16" smallies. It was cool. I did get a lot of dink action on the Sammy 100 that just couldn't hook up for long. Hitting maybe 8/19 strikes on the day. Lost one good fish on the fight, all the other misses were probably dinks. These fish are thin. They are going to want to eat hard soon. This next week could be good if the rain holds off a little or sun burns up some water.

Picked up a couple on tubes and moved to another skinnier stretch via car.

There I picked up this 18"er on a tube nearly under the bridge. Cool fish, it went airborne twice. Surprised at it's length. Sometimes an 18"er isn't all that substantial after spawn. They sure do increase in acrobatics and speed without that added weight. Nabbed a couple more on tubes. Sammy 100 bite didn't continue in the smaller water.

Man, am I ready for some hot action. Good sized smallmouth have been consistent all year no matter where I have fished. A lot of effort has been needed to put up decent numbers.

17 SMB (18, 2-16.25", 3-15", some 14"'s) 2 huge rock bass around 10-11"- one on Sammy 100 another on a chatterbait.

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