Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Falling Behind

Recently looked at my fishing logs from 2008. Surprised to see I have to make up 175 smallmouth bass by the end of the month just to stay on last year's pace. Not going to make it grinding out 15-17 fish an outing. 2009 had started out so well. What happened?

Well for one thing, I hit some great post spawn bites last year. The two consecutive trip reports below amounted to 116 Smallies.



Been looking for a similar phenomenon this year. Hasn't happened.


  1. The smallies are probably relieved not to get a little break. Maybe when I finally get over to Indiana to fish in a couple of weeks they won't all be sore-mouthed!

  2. Tim, should be golden then, we've been dealing with stain water recently. Lemme know if you need some place to go.