Tuesday, July 14, 2009

7/11/09- More Pigs

Hit the water early Saturday am with my golden retriever in tow, needing to be back in time for wife's B-day dinner. Fishing by 6:30a. Nothing for 3 hours. We spooked a couple of nice fish out of ridiculously shallow choke points.

About 10 or 11 it started to look like rain. Fish woke up. In the next 3 hours, I caught 20 Smallies from 12"-20.5" on Wakecrank (three or four on tube). Letting it sit, twitching it a little, varying the speed of retrieve and often letting it come back up to rest. Battery on camera was depleted or more pics of heifers and silly dog. Fish were all crazy fat and have obviously been eating heavy.

Pulled an 18" off of very shallow run in front of laydown. What a fight.

As the thunderstorm came down on us, I lost an absolute beast on a jump at some push water, then it jumped again. A few minutes later 100 yards upstream, in the pouring rain, the wake C got destroyed. Even the big, normally lazy fish were tearing me up. Metabolism speeding up. Landed a 20.5" after getting the twine tested. Again, plop the bait (let 'em hear it), let the feather dance, couple slow cranks, couple fast ones, pause to let it come up, then speed it away cranking full speed. Repeat. Something in there kept getting their attention.

Get out if you can, smallies are at their best.

20 SMB 6.5 hours(20.5", 18", 17", 3-16-16.99" 1 15") the rest around 13-14

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