Thursday, July 9, 2009

Got out to the water by 5:15PM. Decided to run and gun a stretch that has taken me 7-8 hours in the past if the fishing is good. Water was low, clear to 2.5', overcast, light sprinkle. Stretch above the bridge had gotten much deeper. Had to climb out and through nettles.

At the first good spot, I pulled a 15.75" smallie off the front of a laydown with a jointed wakecrank. Then a dink. Another dink. Threw the WC over towards the back of the deepest part of the pool above some willows, plop, pause.... crank....BOOOOSH! Gulp. Jumps...hits the water like a brick, runs drag left, runs drag right. Hooked well. Keep the fish down. Another drag pulling run. Get it in the shallows. Ufff. Finally. Wow.


The bass was thick and had fought like a lion. Some quick pics and off she went! A couple pics with different perspective.

Hit some fish here and there on the Wake Crank. Three times a bass hit the bait shortly after splashdown before turning reel handle.

Finally, came to a spot far upstream where a tree used to lay across the creek. It was gone now, but the stump was still there. My first cast was well short. I was using a 3.5" tube and hadn't compensated for the missing weight. Second cast bounced off a root and into the water. I didn't feel the bite, but I did feel the fish running with it. Tightened up and it was on. Run after run. Didn't seem like a large fish until it realized it was being brought to me then it spazed out. Got the fiesty fish on its side in the shallows. Looked like it could be another 20", instead measured out 19.5".

Caught several more and went home.

15 SMB (20", 19.5" 2-15.-15.75") in 4 hours

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