Friday, July 24, 2009

After Work Dog Wade 7/24/09

Got off work early and picked up the dog for a wade. Every bridge had a car parked at it. Finally found a spot by 5:30.

Got one 14" fish off the front of a rootwad (shade). It picked Wake Crank of surface. Only bite until sun started going down in earnest. Got another 13" cranking the WC up a current seam. That was the last time I got bit on that bait, they just weren't chasing at all.

I started working a Sammy 100 really close to wood. Plop it down, one long walk to one side, let it sit, walk to the other side, let it sit.... bam! Another 14" smallmouth. This pattern kept repeating for a while- all 13-14" fighters. I was in the middle of a long pause, when a large fish suddenly shot upstream past my lure. A couple casts later, I hooked up with a good fish that turned out to be 18.75".

2009 is the year of the 18"+ smallmouth, must have been an oustanding year class. Oh, and someone snuck in the picture:

8 SMB (18.75") the rest 13-15" Most came in about 2 hours of fishing.

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