Tuesday, May 4, 2010

River2Sea 3" V-Joint Min Wake- New Smallie Joy Toys?

Can't wait to give these 3" V-Joint Wakes a try:

They look like just what the doctor ordered for the stream smallmouth fisherman at 3/8oz, not too heavy to throw on ML or M rods. Only 7.50 each and the finishes look great in person. May add rear feathered treble.


  1. I'll be looking forward to a review. I know someone who fishes a lot of their products and likes them. I haven't tried anything yet as I'm trying use/lose and pare down stuff before I get more.

  2. Initial review: In the water, they look good. Baits swim as advertised so the should catch fish. They sink more than expected so in order to wake the bait, you'd have to keep rod tip way up They swim 12"-18" down.

  3. Tested today, got 10 bass on it this AM. Largest two were about 14", most of the rest dinks. Saw one really good fish turn away as it got in sight.

    Intially, very impressed. This bait could totally replace the grub for shallow water fishing 3' or less. I can get it down about 18-24' if I try hard. Could be a standout numbers bait.

    Black smallie fry spotted, watch where you step

    My feeder was running mud despite everything else being crystal clear. Booo!

  4. Ok, it is a good to great stream smallmouth bait.

    Catching tons of fish on this... More of a swimbait than wakebait...