Saturday, July 10, 2010

Early Morning Indiana Smallmouth Wade 7/10/10

Hit the water this AM by 7am, which is really pretty early for me anymore. 

Went 1 for 2 on +size smallies. One hit the Spook Jr. and rubbed me out on a rock. Didn't see it, from the pull, it felt like it was safely in the 16-18" range.

Got two hours in mostly throwing the Spook Jr at first. The loud knocking seemed to get their attention in the dim AM light. My least favorite part of the fishing day is when an AM topwater bite dies off. My favorite is when it continues on in the heat of the day! Alas, I had to adjust after just 45 minutes of action.

When the sun peeped out a bit,  I got a few on the walk back to the car throwing a chart shad R2C, which they had been hesitant to comitt on just an hour earlier.

9SMB (17.25") in 2 hours. Nice mix of dink to 14"ers on the rest.

Then hit the Wabash Riverfest in West Lafayette, IN.

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