Monday, July 5, 2010

Grand Slam Wade 7/3/10

For Saturday I decided to do something completely different and not fish at all. BSZZZZT!!! Just kidding. MC couldn't make it. First stream was a new stretch after one I had done in 2008. Siltier since then. Water visibility was near 5' and flow wasn't much.

Disappointing. Had some follows by decent fish that seemed reluctant in the early AM. Then got on some dinks who wanted a Superfluke. Looked down to notice I only had one! Don't use the pockets in your quickdry pants while wading! Ended with 6 (including 2 spots) from dink to 12". Couldn't figure out whether it was the time of day or the habitat. At the end of my wade I saw some awesome deep pools that must surely house a 20"er or 10. Walked back and got in to scout some different forks and feeders.

Found one with a nature trail that turned out all right. First cast in this micro resulted in a 15"er on a tube. From there it widened out and became Green Bass creek. not much current, infrequent riffles. I got 9 LMB 12-14" and chunky on 5" grub a couple dink SMB,in an hour hour and a half. So when I saw some others wading upstream, I left and went back to the first flow for another stretch.

I had hit this stretch at double the height on the gage and with maybe 8" of clarity. How things change! Hit another 23 SMB on Wakecrank and 5"grub in 4 hours. Largest were 16.5 and 15".

Was stopped by an unimaginably large, rock strewn pool that would put ultra hole to shame. Nearly 100 yards across and I don't know how deep. Hard to believe I was still on the same creek. Ill equipped to fish that.

41 Bass 2 KY Spot, 9 LMB, 30 SMB (16.5", 2-15") 2 Green sunfish, 3 Googs, longear sunfish

Grand Slam of the three Indiana Black Bass plus Rock Bass.

Going to have to float this creek sometime.


  1. Looks like you might be missing pictures or they didn't load based on the gaps between the text. Sounds like you had quite the adventures!

    I actually managed to get out Monday afternoon. Several on plastic and then 6-8 on a good crankbait bite. Lost a chunk that would have been picture worthy... grr...

  2. No pics for this one. Nothing really struck me.

    Keep at it!