Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Smallmouth Bass Indiana Observations

Couple things I noticed this last weekend on a couple favorite southeastern Indiana streams. 1/8th" black fry in the shallows. Awesome. The water has been very high all spring and early summer. To see these little black bass floating around meekly made me happy. The water on this river looked great; deep holes were an aqua marine turqouise with visibility to 3' with a fairly fast flow to it. Saw fish in the push water areas. The usual abundant life on the stream bed and banks was still there. Frogs of all types and sizes crawfish everywhere from 1/4" to 4". Lots of anglers out after very few normal days this year to fish.

I suppose that's why when I tried it for an hour on Sunday for the first time since early March, the fishing was off. One dink and a nice thick 14"er was all I had to show.

The smaller stream I had fished earlier in the AM with nowhere near the flow, I also spied newly hatched black fry in the 1/8-1/4" range. No surprise here. This little stream is barely a trickle in summer, yet has excellent habitat and some deep pools. Every year is a banner spawn. It gives up some awesome all day action covered in shade. I am learning why some areas seem to be dead and others house decent fish as the water comes down to a more normal flow.

Great numbers stream, with occasional 16-18.5" bass. If ever there was a 100 bass Indiana stream this one is it. Have to get a bike to ditch at a bridge and do an all dayer sometime. As the water comes down, I am seeing which are actually pools that can support big fish. They are there if you can cover enough ground. Then unlocking those giant deep pools become a challenge once you get in riffle hopping mode.

Other than the grand habitat, I think this stream is doing so well because it becomes are raging torrent for very short periods of time come big rains. I would encourage those seeking better action in their smallmouth fishing to seek these types of flows

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