Sunday, November 7, 2010

11/6 and 11/7 Jerkbite

Low water? Shallow Water? Spooky fish? Flashminnow 95. Shallow diving jerkbait (1-2') that casts like a bullet.

Some pics of this weekend 13/15 bass were caught on jerk, the other two on tubes. Also snagged a bunch of suckers and quilbacks. Sharp hooks.


  1. BT,

    I was wondering how far you would go to find deeper water considering the drought you are in down there.

    Water temps up here are down to 45. Warming trend this week may start up the topwater/fluke/suspending bait bite.

    The 3" straight worm has been killing them.


  2. Another outing, another 20". Nice job! Helluva big smallmouth bass!

  3. Thanks for the comments, guys.

    I actually tried a little float and fly. Nothing there. There was almost no flow at my first stop Saturday.


    Last weekend we hit the Tippecanoe R via float. Big river. Too big. Too windy. Mike nailed a horse.

    In terms of flow, there are some streams with no flow right now. Really limited in where I want to go. I didn't want to hit them until the leaf issue cleared up. I think we're about 70% done on leaves. Most are submerged. Since there have been zero washouts, here we still have snot grass to deal with. Makes the wading kind of hard on rock.

    Eric, lost one on a jump close to 20" Saturday, this fish was only a 19.25". Pic definately looks like it could be 20". Only my 4th 19" size class of the year. Hope that doesn't portent of lack of 20's next year!

    I look for big pools, find the sucker schools, then work it. had a couple pigs follow the jerk right back to my feet. Eyeballed it from inches away. Swam off after seing me.

    Anyways, though we were in the mid 40's Saturday and 55 Sunday. The cold water felt great with the warm sun! Kind of like that old Mcd sandwich with the hot side and the cool half cool.

  4. How is the rain? It looks like a decent amount.


  5. A nice normal rainy day. Would take a lot of these to replenish the water table, but it is a start!

  6. BT,

    Not much rain in the forecast. Still very low conditions for late fall.

    Maybe some showers in the next week that may turn to flurries. Looks like temps fall out to low 30's to upper 20's by next weekend.

    My last 7 outings have been pretty consistent with 15-30 bass a trip. Water temps 45-51, clarity 3-5ft. Most trips are 5-7 hours. Bass have been from 8"-19".


  7. Good results, indeed! I'm so done with leaves and shin deep water.

    Nailed the last nice one on a shakey head thin 4" floating worm and thought of you. Made me want to throw it more for sure. Will test it again soon.