Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fun with Bobbers 11/28/2010

Today was a good day for Float and Fly technique. I fished several large pools. Water looked great. Visibility was 18"+ with great light penetration. Air temps in the high 30's to mid 40's.

Smallies were pretty active, saw one chasing a rock bass out of the water and they both jumped. Zeroed in on that spot and started pulling them in.

Nothing big, but it was a great day for action. 17 fish in 21 float dunks most 12-14.5" couple rock bass.

Not sure if hopping the float was helping, all the bites seemed to come on the drift.


  1. BT,

    What are your water temps? I got out yesterday and temps have fallen from 43 last Sat., to 36. I got 1 bass 15" in 3 hours.


  2. I don't take temps since I lost my thermometer a year or so ago.

    The eddy when I arrived had thin skim ice along the shore (which melted during the day. I'd say upper 30's low 40.

    Finally had some water to bunch them up. That and spookiness have been the biggest detriment.

    More rain coming our way I hope.

  3. We need the rivers to stay flowing. When they are low they freeze much easier, shortening the season.

    Another bonus was all the leaves and algae getting flushed out a bit.