Monday, November 29, 2010

Need baitcaster advice

I am looking to pick up a baitcaster (combo) this winter as a new toy to mess around with next year.

So far, I have my eye on a Shimano Curado.

I think I want a faster reel (7.0.1) rather than slower (5's). But maybe I am missing something here. Do I need more power? Slower certainly could be better deep cranking, pulling in vibrating chatterbaits and heavy spinnerbaits, swimbaits, etc. More subtlety in the retrieve might be a good thing.

I like faster retrieves on a spinning reel to catch up with downstream charging fish, to crank in buzzbaits without wearing an arm off on those 1000 cast days.. I am wrong in wanting this in a baitcaster?



  1. You know you want it!

    Team Daiwa Zillion Type R

  2. As you said a lower ratio provides more power/torque for reeling in heavier spinnerbaits and the such or deep cranking. The question is how much of that are you going to do? I believe you mentioned wanting to try to slow roll some half oz or larger spinnerbaits through deeper holes. How much deep cranking are you going to do in a river? Probably not much. The pole you pair the reel with will also affect how it reacts with cranks or spinnerbaits but probably not so much with a buzz bait.

    I think the hardest thing to do with a high speed reel is slow down. I was fishing an urban creek with a 6.3 baitcast reel. I picked up a LM on my first or second cast after two cranks. I kept casting and didn't get anything else until I realized I was burning my crankbait in. Once I slowed down I picked up four or five decent walleye that were sitting there the whole time ignoring my faster bait.

    I really like my older Curados. They are only in the 5 gear ratio that is too slow to burn a buzz bait with the current. Mine were super sales and couldn't be passed up :). It looks the new Curados have a 6.4. Perhaps that might be the way to go...