Friday, May 4, 2007

05/04/07 Wade

Tried to get in one small flow but couldn't get a place to park. Headed out to another flow. Water was green stain, sky was overcast- no signs of bass spawning.

Fish were in front of log jams in current, Right off the bat I got this 17 3/4" on a tube- yanked him out from under all kinds of woody mess.

Went to the other side of the stream where I had a bigger fish come unbuttoned.

Caught 15 Smallies (18", 17.75", 16.5"), 5 rock bass on tubes and one 10lbs carp on a jig. The carp hit the jig midstream, muscled him up to the surface as much as possible with plentiful wood for him to dive under- again Power Pro came through like a champ as I pulled the fish over a log and to shore. Didn't get a pic as I didn't want to touch the stinky thing so finally he flopped off the hook and swam away.

Mid wade I caught this 18" SMB behind a downed tree current seem.

My wife said this looks like a Fish Glamshot:

If I keep this up, I will have lost all kinds of weight. Better than working out!

Oh, saw my first Coyote and a Water Snake swam up on me.

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