Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Junk Spinning Reels Interrupt Mad Good Bass Bite

Got out for a nice wade on a smallish Indiana stream. Waded for about 6 hours.

Fish were hitting tubes adjacent to wood and in holes with current. I caught many of them jerking the tube and killing it. If they bit I felt to see if they were on, if not I let it jerk slightly away- the fish almost always came after and hit again. Several times while fighting a smallie there were three or four chasers trying to take the bait away.

I'm gonna have to try a two tube rig sometime .

The last time out, I dunked my Stradic in the middle of a great numbers day- you guessed it- bound up! So, I had to quit short while fishing was good.

Well, this time I brought my Pflueger President and dropped it fully in the drink while tying a knot. An hour later it was sounding like a helicopter and making fishing nearly impossible. I went home early pissed because I started to get into some better fish on this flow.

33 fish- 21 SMB and 12 Googs. One on a spinnerbait , and 3 on cranks. Biggest went about 16" about half were 14-15". Smalles are starting to turbo charge. Lost one about 16" when he jumped 2' in the air and my tube flew through the air in slow

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