Saturday, May 19, 2007

New Wade 5/19/07

Got out to a new stream by 8am. Water looked good gravel bottom some boulders at first. Later turned out to be more silt and wood. Something was amiss as I waded upstream. There didn't seem to be

Plenty of water depth knee to waist depth so there should be plentiful smallmouth in there , but all I caught was a dink and a 12"er on a crank. So, after an hour or two I got out of dodge . Probably waded about a mile.

I had to try another new stream. Passed one on the freeway, so I got out the Delorme's and got stuck in immediately. Took an allergy pill and got at it.

Fished under the interstate bridge for 4 Smallies 12-14"and a Rock bass in like 15 minutes on tubes, hmmm good sign. Decided to wade downstream then upstream after refreshments.

Waded about two miles down. This stream had some wood, but was mostly gravel and chunk rock bottomed. I did not see one carp all day and there were fewer suckers than normal. There were some shallow parts, but ample holes and pools to keep busy. The fish were mostly on the slow current side of holes right in the current.

Ended up with 39 fish on the day, 26 SMB, 1LMB, and 12 rock bass. Five on cranks, the rest on texposed 3/16 oz watermelon/pepper tubes (with orange tentacle tipped by garlic marker) jerked, paused, swam and dropped etc. Nothing over 15". The upper part of the stream away from the populace produced mostly 14"ers which fought like crazy . No fish on Wolka buzz, but I did have a couple swipes that I followed up with a tube and caught fish.

Waded up about 1.5 miles. So I think all together I walked 5-6 miles today. 2Hour wade/7hour wade. It's getting a lot easier .

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