Friday, May 25, 2007

5/25/07 Wade with Bros McD

Got a PM from Miracle about him needing a date to the gay pride parade . And I said: "hey man, I'm not into that." But how about we go fishing instead?

After exchanging a couple phone calls where I rejected his less than manly advances, he talked big bro into coming along for a wade. Had to jump at that.

One rule, I had to be back by 5pm so my wife didn't know I was going fishing AGAIN, when I said I wouldn't.

We got to the put in near a bridge, Josh immediately started catching fish with pinpoint casts and a well worked prop bait/popper. I woddled off downstream to hit a riffle and downed tree. Miracle did his thing.

Wolkabuzz over tree- smack 16.5" fattie.

Meanwhile Josh was killing some greenies on topwater. They were everywhere. I caught a bunch on a tube and Miracle did his thing.

The objective was a deepish stretch where I caught a 19" during the winter then on to another bend in the creek a half mile up. We didn't catch smallies at the first spot- but 10-12 LMB .

As we waded upstream it was apparent LMB were very active. I caught one about 17" on a Wolkabuzz. Josh caught more fish and Miracle was doing his thing.

When we finally got to the first deep hole Josh caught a 16-17" SMB on topwater LC. Miracle hooked into a fish that I saw jump right into a tree to toss his hook, another 16-17"er. The run I often find fish in was mostly empty. When we got to the top of the pool, Josh got another good 16"er on topwater, then I caught a 15" on a wolkabuzz as he caught another Smallie.

We rounded a bend Miracle caught a smallie, and Josh caught another good one at the head of a pool on topwater.

Not bad for a three hour wade (if that). I'd guess about 12 bass for me and 3 googs. Josh was probably up closer 15-20 total. Miracle had a rough day, having left his fish catching Mojo at Lake St.Clair he got 3 or 4.

I knew there were greenies in this stretch as they dump out of several nearby lakes. It was kind of crazyto catch that many- we probably caught all of 12 SMB. We didn't get anything much bigger than 17" and all the bigger fish were caught on topwaters.

Both were a riot to hang and fish with and I'd definately do it again.

Not bad at all for a quick wade.

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