Saturday, September 22, 2007

9/22/07 Smallmouth bass creek Superwade!

Mike C. and I formed up an early morning caravan and set out to round up some brown bombers. We decided on a 4.33 mile wade about an hour+ away from our basecamps.

When we got there, I figured the stretch we picked I had fished via kayak in spring 2006. Those results back then were not as good as these. There was one more cold kayak dump that day :wink: .

We got to the put in first when a Vietnamese man shot ahead of us and started seining the stream. Said to stuff some eggrolls with various bits from the sea???

Fishing started off a 3/3 WBZ at the put in point while Mike put on his waders. Shortly thereafter I gota 16" SMB on Sammy, then a fat 16 Spot on WBZ. The fish were hitting everything. Tubes, BZZ, WTD...

Water was crystal clear to 3.5 feet- this made long casts critical. We saw fish fleeing before us everywhere.

I got a couple 16"'s in a row on Sammytime then tube on a swift little stretch. I let Mike lead most of the day and was happy to cast parallel to the deeper bank with WTD or tube when he moved up. We caught several fish from a arcing pool when my WTD fouled on a leaf. When I stopped it for a moment I saw a huge head come fully out of the water! It got the bait and fought well. Measured in at 18.5

I was a little ahead of Mike when he was casting a prop bait into shallow quick riffle that was funnel shaped. He got bit as I was in midcast. What happened next was very blury and a lot like all hell breaking loose. It was very clear Mike had a pig!!! It charged downstream and I enjoyed watching it while subconsciously walking the dog. It got swiped at hard then fouled and stopped walking and I kept brainlessly reeling while Mike's fish torpedoed for some branches between two boulders- his line looked in peril. I yelled at him to run up to the fish- then felt my own pig on the sammy 30 yards upstream I had fouled and absent mindedly been reeling in! It tore ass downstream and I saw it was big then it jumped and it was long... I was half watching Mike... :-) By this time Mike had his beached. For a second we thought double 20"'s, but upon close measurement his was beefier and 19.5", mine went 19" . Both were hefty, though Mike's 19.5 outweighed mine by a 1/4 lbs at least.

Here's the photopics- They don't do the fish justice. We were excited and the shot was at a bad angle. I had taken the picture with both of us in it but it looked really gay. I refrain from inflicting further abuse on readers.

We pounded the choke point made by some riprap and caught 4 or 5 more. I was in midcast when Mike yelled for me to look over- led to a Sammy 30 feet up in a tree. After climbing up and deciding I weighed too much and the tree would probably collapse. I pummeled the Sammy out of the tree by throwing about 30-40 river rocks at it. Yes!

Moving up it was a steady barrage of small to medium sized fish. We scared an 8 point Buck right streamside. We also saw a little green heron that looked like the road runner with wings- it was the largest one I have ever seen, but still quite small. Not as big as a duck.

Mike picked up this 17" on Gunfish

Again, most of the fish in this stream were long and thin. The water was so clear, I was shocked about a dozen times to find the fish was much larger than it appeared underwater. Some kind of optical illusion in clear water with sun??

I hit a couple of 17"'s on Sammy as the sun chilled a bit. It was a bright sunny day and shade seemed to be the ticket.

Working the deep side of the creek in shade right near a small creek draining in the stream I had a solid large attack on the sammy from the right. It fought well and I knew it was a good fish. Looked all of 18" in the water. When I beached it it was long and thin. 21" clean :blink: ! You can see in the pick at 21", she's slim.

John Bunner Pose:

Thank goodness my fly wasn't open. Right.

Am I 'Rainmanning' if I am only catching fish on one lure the second half of the day even if I try throwing other lures?

Oh, yeah. We caught a lot of fish and got off the water still light. The last mile stunk as the habitat was very silted from eroded banks.

I finished with 57 bass: 54 SMB (21, 19, 18.5, 2 17", 5 16", 4 15") 3 KY Spots (16)

Wool had 28: 27 SMB (19.5", 2 17", 16" 3-4 15") 1 KY

Crazy day.

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