Saturday, July 19, 2008

Another Summer Smallmouth Wade 7/18/08

Mike and I hit a stream after work. He got a head start and hit the water first, catching 3 on propbait. I met up with him and pulled one out about 13". We left and went to a wide area of stream where we know there are many big fish, but we only seem to hook up with them under the right circumstances. After yesterdays frantic action, I thought this section would have been awesome if the bite stayed in motion.

When we got there, there were two cars at our put in already. That's like 10 fishermen in 6 trips. I haven't seen that many in three years total :evil: . Oh well.

Fly fisherman was ahead of us, but there seemed to be enough room to get around so we moved up.

I got a 15" and a 13" on a 3.5" Swimbait right after the fly guy had moved on. We passed him up as he turned around. I noted he was fishing the right spots- he knew the stretch. I caught some fish with the buzzbait coming in ultra slow-the less noise- seemed the better- caught maybe 7 or so moving up this way 12-13". Nice to see them participating again the last two days. There didn't seem to be too much of a pattern. Mike and I found a riffle filled with fish that kept swatting our swimbaits- I think we each caught one fish there.

Loving this swimbait- the bass seem to key on the quivering, shimmering body quite well. I will throw it much more. 3/16 oz head seemed about right to cast a mile and sink good.

After we waded some shallow bedrock I got the first great blowup of the day about 8pm. Fish missed by quite a bit but was easy 17"+. The spot cameback around on the way back to the car...

We moved up and caught a few fish here and there. Got to a spot where Jeff Blakely saw me catch a 17.5" last spring in his first kayak run. Fish should have been everywhere there, but after casting 360 with a variety of baits Mike finally hit payload by some willows and slow bubbly current, A bass had slurped in his SPT90 and bulldogged for a while. It measured 18" and I dropped it measuring, so no pic. Sorry MC!

We caught a couple more near dusk and Mike had a serious big fish follow one in. Good future info!

Walking back to the bedrock area we saw a blowup just above and MC made a cast with SPT90 that got hammered at to no avail. I quickly threw past him and got destroyed. Fish quickly went airborne and was huge. He was supercharged and was hard to bring upstream heading towards the middle. I felt confident because I could tell he was hooked solid. Unfortunately, the wiley ole dame rubbed my Stick propbait onto a rocky boulder. It was dark with little light and I did not know the boulder was there. A fish I would have caught in the light, that wouldn't have been there biting in the light. Catch 22. MIke and I have long wanted to fish this stretch at night- our brief attempt looks VERY promising as the big fish encounters happened very close to dark.

It was dark now and Mike and I nightfished, I caught 2 on SPT 90 on the way back about 12".

We tromped like buffons through the woods.

Decent day that could have been better but the different type of stretch was fun to fish. Variety is an excellent bedfellow.

Mike 9 (18)
BT 15 (15)

We fished about 4.5 hours Mike 5.

Next something different...

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