Monday, September 29, 2008

Little Sammy saves the day.

On Sunday I went out for a wade on one of my favorite streams. The same stretch I had caught a 21.5"er a couple months back. There was a car at the put in and it turned out a couple guys had waded up ahead of me. I caught one dink on the way up.

Ran into the guys as they were pulling fish out of the first good hole. They had waded all the way up to the bend, about a mile total. Said they were 'smoking' them. I took my time and nothing was going on. One tiny dink that didn't have enough sense to be spooked I guess.

When I got the bend were they stopped I threw on a Sammy 65. I bought the lure as a joke. Seeing as how I hade absolutely no game, I tried the lure out a bit. Small fish wanted it bad. In the next hour, I caught 13 fish from 4" to 10". I had 2 to 3 times as many strikes. I am not one to fish for dinks, but here I suspected the larger fish were down buried deep in cover and it proved true. I had several decent fish try to connect tight on cover, only to lose them as the Sammy 65's hooks were too small to penetrate very deep. I swapped them up to a 6.

By now it was about 5, so I figure the larger fish would come out of their hiding spots. I had a giant fish make a rush at the Sammy 100 and totally wiff. Then found a fluke bite, catching a 12", a 14" LMB, 12", 13", 16" before moving up into a long deep pool that I am certain holds many large fish. At a creek mouth, I hooked a large fish on fluke and fought him most of the way in when a quick change of direction got him off- at least 17" if not 18". Oldest trick in the book! That hurt. Not 5 casts later I had another huge fish swipe near the surface and miss the fluke! UGGGH! I suck.

I threw on Rick Clunn's wakebait and landed a nice 15" from downstream. Later a 16" and 13" would fall to the fluke. It was hard to slow down and fish the fluke right in that large pool. Fish seemed to want something dying.

Wasn't my day on the big fish, which I'm normally very effecient with.

5.5 hours 24 bass (2-16" 2-15)

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