Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Return to White River Cleanup site

Returned to the White near where INSA had helped with a river cleanup a few weeks back. I was out that way to complete some hires, so hit the river after work.

First, I waded upstream and found a topwater and fluke bite. Unfortunately, the river was small and featureless not far above my put in, so I turned around after a half mile of ankle deep water. As it grew near dark, the intensity picked up even if the accuracy was off. I had many hits that failed to strike home. The lack of current and collecting leaves made it hard to throw many baits, so it was mainly the 3/8oz single spin Buzzbait I stuck too.

I hit a 16" on the way wading down at an obvious laydown below riffle area, then another 16.5" on the way back up. At the bottom I must have had ten strikes without a fish!

Ended with 10 in a few hours. Could have been quite a few more with a little current to sweep the leaves away and allow trebled topwaters (16.5,16, 14")

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