Sunday, November 16, 2008

11/16/08 Getting colder but Smallies still on.

That time of year is here. Cold. And I love it. Each of the last two winters I ventured out onto the rivers and creeks to catch winter Smallmouth Bass. I generally hit large wintering holes on fairly populated stretches. Sometimes the results are surprising.

34F today. Bundled up in underarmour and fleece I was toasty as I hit the water about 2pm today it was overcast, windy and the weather was again low and clear with the recent rains showing little to no impact.

I fished bolders and crevaces with a tube, patiently hopping them close to hidey holes. 7 times today a fish emerged from a boulder or crack to engulf my tube. Often it was after a really long wait. Always in the slow side of the stream.

When it got close to dark, I got a couple on Lucky Craft Pointer 100, including the largest of the day 16"

2.5 hours 9 SMB 12-16"

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