Monday, March 30, 2009

Couple of reports 3/27 3/28

Got out for a wade with Jim on Friday. We ended up hitting a trib and the main river. The trib has a huge pool he likes to call 'ultra hole'. The fishing was good right off the bat. I nailed 6 SMB on jerks and crankbaits in no time. Lost a good one at the ledge at the front of the pool. Missed a few more. I began to suspect dull hooks. I lost about a half dozen good fish that day. Jim was Goog smuggling. Waded downstream and hit a few more we both got one about 16"+ and I lost another that size all on tubes. Spooked a pod of 16-20" smallmouth on the other side of Ultra Hole. Was pretty upset with myself.

We left and headed to the main river. Picked up a fish here or there right in the current of a fast riffle. Winter holes were empty.

BT 11 (16.25") 3 Rockbass
JF 9 (16.25") 8 Rockbass

On Saturday, Mike called wanting to fish. We set out to hit more riffles. I took too much time wading down to winter holes and we were beat to the first riffle by a whole family. Guy said they got 10 on a tiny crankbait. I had three at this point. We went to a second riffle and I hit the above 17.25" on a Crank. We walked on and on. Picking up fish in current, almost nothing in between. It rained but we were prepared.

BT 8 (17.25,16.5)
MC 3

6-7 hours each day.


  1. I am getting more jealous by the day. We are under a winter storm warning for the next 48 hours. Doesn't look like an early Spring for me.

  2. Hi

    Your blog is awesome!
    I just started mine so don't look for anything quite yet.

    Thanks - Jay from Indiana

  3. Welcome, Supafly! Thanks for your years of service. I'm familiar with your stomping grounds. Pull up a chair.

    BP, do you have any open water up there yet? If it was a wimpy Indiana storm, I'd be fishing Float and Fly. Minnesota on the other hand....LOL!