Thursday, March 5, 2009

Smallmouth Bass Transition Period 3/5/09

Today felt like maybe we turned the corner towards Spring. With the last month of great fishing, with lots of good fish, I don't know if I want Spring's rains to come.

Temps closing in on 60f and 20mph winds. I started out on float and fly. This thin, shallow water fish measured 19.25". Fell to a black, green, and yellow fly I picked right from under a boulder I knew usually held winter fish.

Hit a few more spots with one producing 8 smallies from dink to 15". On the walk back I threw a chartreuse rebel craw on and cranked it through an eddie I knew held fish but wouldn't hit the fly jig. 3 bass on 4 casts! Swapped out for a Bandit 300 and got a couple more 15" fish before heading home. Cranks were brought in slowly and bounced off stuff, triggering strikes.

Ended up with 15 smallmouth bass in 4.5 hours. The last 5 came on crankbaits near or in wintering holes. (19.25, 3 15")

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