Sunday, March 22, 2009

Quick Hotspot. 3/22/09

Waiting for my wife to arrive at airport, so I hit a quick local flow Sunday.

Got one on tube about 12" right below a riffle with some slower deep water offset. I fished it in sandals from across the stream. Wore the tube out without another bite. Switched to a weighted 5" fluke. First cast nabbed a 14" LMB, then the second was a 17" Smallmouth bass:

They tired of swinging on the fluke so I tried the LC Pointer 100 in Misty Shad. After about 10 casts, I stopped the bait in the right spot, it got slammed again. After a sweet fight in current, a nice 18" fish.

Yes, that's the dog behind me.

Sitting in creek:

Not bad for a quick hour of fishing.


  1. Haven't been by in a while. Now I am following your blog so I will be aware when you make new posts. I see you caught lots of nice fish this winter. I don't know if we have good smallmouth streams in my area. I am somewhat close to the Mississippi river and the smallmouth bass fishing there is really good in the area. I would imagine the feeder streams would hold some smallies. I can't say that I have ever heard of someone stalking those kinds of places on foot. Maybe it is a well kept secret.

    In the other direction (East) is the Rum River which flows out of Mille Lacs lake and goes down to the Twin Cities. It is supposed to be a pretty good smallmouth stream and I don't think it gets much fishing pressure up in this area. The big rub is that bass season doesn't open until Memorial Day Weekend.

  2. Hey, BP, thanks for the comments. I am envious of the fishing opportunities you have up there. We don't have anything like it.

    Pretty much green bass and brown bass.

    If the big rivers have smallmouth, the small ones do too. You don't need to own a boat. The solitude and sense of adventure can be off the charts. Great exercise too!

    Thanks for the comments