Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More river smallmouth bass on Crankbaits 3/10/09

Today we were forcasted to get 1-2" of rain. I grabbed a rod and headed for the river, hoping to get a couple hours in before the rains came maybe see if they would bite in the rain. The rain never happened. I ended up wading close to 3 miles of river.

Started finding dinks in push water on a RCLC crankbait. Red, green, and blue colored Crawdads were everywhere in the rocks. Frogs jumped all over and turtles plunged off logs.

After working most of the hole over, I threw on a chartreuse rebel craw and it got thumped by of all things a 19 1/4" green fish.

I found fish closer in the current in bedrock areas behind boulders and under rocks. Some fell to cranks and a couple bit a tube.
This fish was right in the riffle feeding hanging on a bedrock ledge.

The weather was warm and I was overdressed. Fish had moved up into more aggressive feeding positions. Starting to move out of winter areas. I didn't get 6 at a time like last Friday. Smallmouth were more spread out.

This nice 17.5" smallie fell to 0-4' diver on a current seem. I had just missed another large fish a few minutes before.

6 hour wade

21 SMB (17.5, 17, 4 15") 1 LMB (19.25") 1 Rock Bass

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