Saturday, January 3, 2009

1/3/09 Winter Wade Bonus Carp+ lots of swings and misses

3rd day of Winter fishing in a row. Scouted some high water for new winter areas. First cast out into the fast water the float sunk. I battled a 23" carp to hand. Good sign when you hit a fish like that out in an unexpected spot. I knew the bass would be feeding.

I eventually found a 15" bass after an hour of fly hopping. Crossed the creek and hit some eddies made by a slight bend and creek rushing in. The creek was running crystal clear. I hang dropped down the high bank onto the clay below and quickly had two fish 13-15". This is what it looked like, the creek is coming in upstream behind me. The pic is looking downstream at the eddies and clearer water 18" vis. The discolored green area is where I found the bass.

I found another bend that is usually shallow in summer, I caught three more fish 14-15". Missed another 6-7. Was setting the hook too hard and the head shake was pulling it free. Too much caffeine! Adjusted late. I saw most of the fish I yanked. Several 16-17! A slight lift is enough. Connected on the last three. What could have been.

Waded further downstream, threw into fast current where I knew a boulder would be. Float dunked and I landed this fish nearly 17". Strange to pull 3 fish out of current like that but this stretch of stream has lots of large boulders.

Lots of fun finding new holding areas based on summer fishing. Where tomorrow?

7 SMB (17, 3 15) 1 carp 1 sucker

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