Sunday, January 4, 2009

What's with the Carp? 1/4/09

Went again today. I targeted long deep pools with high banks near where I landed a nearly 22" Smallie this summer. I was typically pitching down from 5' up. Lots of walking and it didn't pay off as well as I thought.

I did learn carp will take Float and Fly if the jig is on the bottom. This guy came off a log up against the bank in the eddy pictured. Float didn't dunk. I went to pull the lure out to recast and SURPRISE. Not easy to land a 2' long carp from 5' of a steep muddy bank with sheer drops. Got him tired and gill plated him off some protruding roots I climbed down. 2nd carp in two days.

As for Smallmouth, I got 3 all in different places. Two were nice 15-15.5" bass.

Went home early today. 4 days of winter smallmouth action is enough for now. Cabin fever licked.

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