Saturday, January 17, 2009

Buzzbaits Builds

The rivers in Indiana are frozen over or freezing up. I've turned my time to INSA activities, tying float and fly jigs, and making some buzzbaits.

I am making about 100 Buzzbaits this year for various projects and fishing of course.

The first prototype is a 1/4 oz 'Wolkabuzz' style bait. I made the bait on thicker, .045 frames which should make for more durability and less double handling. The blades are further away from the jig head. Theory there is fish will see the bait and hit the hook more often. I have some anecdotal evidence on this theory here: Post Spawn Buzzbait Madness

Trying some 3/8ths oz buzzbaits in the never ending quest to cast a country mile with a buzzbait. I had success with single spins in 2008 when a quieter approach was needed. These excelled around dark for me. Made some with and without clacker.

This one hasn't been tested yet. I don't know if it will run true. The bait has a lot going on. 3/8ths oz counter rotating with a clacker.

Still looking for skirts in the style of the white bait. Some white, some black, all I need colorwise. Sparse, good profile, doesn't hang in the blades. With the thousands of casts I make a year with buzzbaits, the less double touching and rerigging the better.

A problem is created by the way I like to use a snap on all my lures for quick change ability: Stream Smallmouth Fishing is Snap! The open r-bend causes the snap to slide down and tangle. Solved in the past by closing off the r-bend. Going to try surgical tubing over the r-bend in the future.

One last surprise, the hooks are 1/0 or 2/0 Owner Ultra Point. Will prick you if you look at them wrong. Look out bass in 2009!

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