Monday, January 19, 2009

Schneider Aventinus Doppelbock- Simply Fabulous

Here's what I am drinking a lot of lately:

Aventinus wheat doppelbock. Bavaria from its strongest side.
Dark-ruby, almost black-colored and streaked with fine top-fermenting yeast, this beer has a compact and persistent head. This is a very intense wheat doppelbock with a complex spicy chocolate-like arome with a hint of banana and raisins. On the palate, you experience a soft touch and on the tongue it is very rich and complex, though fresh with a hint of caramel. It finishes in a rich soft and lightly bitter impression.

Dark-ruby colored, wheat doppelbock
Complex spicy chocolate arome
Pure top-fermenting yeast
Original bottle fermentation
Created in 1907
Creator: Mathilde Schneider
Wheat doppelbock 8.2 % vol. alc.
Original gravity 18.5%

This stuff is potent and GOOD. Oh so Good. Surprisingly widely available in the US.


  1. Must add I recently had a another bottle and didn't shake the gunk off the bottom of the bottle. Strongly suggest getting it in the beer. Makes a big difference in the taste