Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Higher Water- Slower Fishing

I really enjoyed fishing the high water this March. Squeeking out a nice fish here or there.I looked at last March 2009 . At this point last year, I had three times as many smallmouth to hand. What's different? The air temps are down over last year. The biggest difference? Flows I've fished are on average 5-10 times what they were last year in March.


  1. BT,

    Higher flows/colder water fewer bass but larger.

    Lower flows/warmer water more bass but smaller.

    The best spring bite for size and numbers I've ever had were when the flows were high and warm. It dosen't happen often. I'll take higher water thats stained over lower gin clear water in the spring.

    The cooler air and water temps I think are over with this wave of warm air.


  2. I'd agree with that. Looking foward to a new pattern. We may have a short spring...

    Last spring was incredible. Average rainfall moderate temps. I had 59 fish over 16"'s by now.

    Still, there are always a couple of hawgs in the first couple weeks of April.