Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Vacation Day 3: She-mouth Lives! 3/24/2010

Got out with Jim A. today. Water was up and clearing slightly, visibilty to 12" maybe 14" by the end of the day. Aimed for a couple pools that produce few fish, but big smallies when they do produce.

We worked close to shore with the river up. I had one fish take a tube and rush out into current. Came up empty.

We crossed to the front of one pool to work an eddy I tried a Rick Clunn LC Crank 1.5 in Chartreuse Shad. Slow and deliberate retrieve. On one cast, I was was shocked to see a large smallie follow it nearly to my feet. It looked 17-18". On the next throw, a fish was just there and quickly came up to surface. I got him in quick before she had a chance to get going. I knew when the head poked up it was big. Hair short of 21". Tail wear or she would have made it. Jim took some shots. This was the best one(Click for biggie size):

We went on to fish other areas, the smallmouth weren't having it. We got a ride on the walk back by a nice guy (Ron) with a nice looking wimeraner.

Just one fish for both of us in 4+ hours. It was a great day to be out with warm air and nice breeze.


  1. BT,

    Now that's a nice fish. A great "Vacation Bass". How strong of current or eddy did she come out of? How much current are the bass pushing?

    Continuing from other thread, by all means, bring those snips. Helps out quite a bit.

    Looks like next week we are getting a good shot of warm weather. 70 degrees or more. Water temps up here were 48 yesterday. Same kind of bite. On and off. We need some fresh fish movement with warmer water and higher flows.

    The spring bite the last few years has been down with cooler weather and all the flooding and silting in of habitat. I would say, in the last 7 years, the population of bass is half of what it was.

    I fish the 3" worm the same way i would fish a tube or twistertail grub. Here is what I normally throw in cold water:

    The length 3"-4" isn't as important as the girth. A thin worm I can get bit on in clear cold pressured water. As far a mono, 8-12LB test with a 1/8-1/16oz keeperhook, 7FT, ML, fast action rod.

    Very simple, effective and I really haven't had any trouble with windy conditions.


  2. New jacket? Patagonia? You need some waders to match. And nice fish dude.

  3. Great Fish! Sounds like a fantastic vacation to me!

  4. Matt, Orvis. I looked at several brands and went with what I could buy quickly!

    Had to buy after a day in cold rain where I got soaked. Determination to catch fish is better than my sense. So far I like, even if I have to keep venting after long walks in the woods.

    Waders- I have two pairs that are in and out of the BT repair shop- Auqa seal is a good thing. I am thinking of helping the economy out soon with a new pair. Any recommendations keeping in mind I walk through a lot of those green pricker vines and red pricker vines?

  5. MH-in the pic you can see the riffle and current seam that goes wide left. On the left is a steep bank down to 8-10' deep. This is the side the current blasts through when up. The other side is a large eddy maybe 1-4' deep depending. The water was up high enough that the 8' stuff pushed this fish out. Otherwise, the fish down there are hard to get at.

    Unfortunately, the scale of the pic is off. A nice slow swirl to it with white bubbles on top- sexy. Surprisingly not any fish in the rocky water willow shallows behind me.

    I'll try your worms at some point, just to get another perspective. That hook looks pretty snagless. At 3/16, I could get it down in some deep tight places. Think I will make an order for some Jack's worms. Like a senko with a pointy tail. How do the worms lay on bottom with that hook?

  6. Curt, I picked this time of year for the big fish opportunities it provides. Wearing down a little after 3 days. Don't know if I can make all 7. Goal was to catch a 20" or two.

  7. BT,

    I guess the plastic would lay horizontal, or close to it. I just either use a slow hop, slow bottom ticking, or a slow swimming retrieve. If in a current break, I just let the current swing the plastic along the bottom in the seam.

    I guess this presentation would be similar to Charlie Brewers "Do Nothing" approach.

    If you don't like the weighted keeperhooks, you could use what hook you like that is unweighted, and add weight.

    Bass Pro Shops® XPS® Hook Weights:


  8. Nice fish!!

    With regard to waders once my Cabelas go out my next pair will probably be the Simms Blackfoot. Although you might be better off with cheaper due to abuse...

    I like the Keeper hooks also. Just make sure you keep them sharp and use a strong hookset to get that thicker hook in. I also like the Charlie Brewers. Just the regular ones not the thicker pro model. They seem to be as good as the keepers for snags.

    How are you liking the vest pack? Anything you don't like that you didn't foresee? Think the mesh will last for several seasons with out ripping? I tried one on the other day and it felt pretty comfortable while it was empty anyway...

  9. Kevin- I like it a lot so far. Don't know if it is all the cool yoga shoulder, neck, and back stretches that I have been doing recently or better dispersed load. I've not had sore shoulders yet.

    The reason I didn't prefer it previously- it lacked one of those chest fly hair thingies to quick hook lures on. For this time of year, I switch lures a lot less.