Saturday, March 27, 2010

Smallmouth Vacation Days 4 and 5 3/25 and 3/26/2010

Thursday looked like rain, I had promised my Golden retriever she would get some fun this week. We headed over to a local creek that was blazing high. It has some nice levies for a dog to run around on. Easy entertainment.

Brought along a rod and hit a slight bend nearby. Didn't find any toothy fish, but got this 18"+ skinny smallie on a 5" white grub.

That's all in about 15-30 minutes. That night it rained quite a bit across Indiana. Everything blown out.

KF has been wanting some brown fish bad the spring. The White has been high as usual since we divert all the water in there so quickly these days.

I took him out to high brown creek. When we got there it was muddy. 1-3 inches of visibility. K wanted a spinnerbait bite, but it didn't happen. Shortly at the second spot, I got a 17.5" smallmouth on a black tube from riprap. Right on the bank. Then later two more 12-14"ers the same way in a micro eddy at my feet. Tried one more quick spot upstream, but the flow was roaring in between the high banks. Basically, unfishable. Visibility was a couple inches. We fished maybe a couple hours.

I should go out today and try for another big fish. Water should be clearing up enough... Cleaned the carpet. Dogs bring in a lot of dirt. My buddy wants to go toss frisbee. Got to go.

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